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Penny Croal Master Meta Health Trainer is carrying out a voluntary training event for the Energy Healers association in Cape Town. The Energy Healers Association is here to represent and promote the use of excellent energy healing modalities such as Emotional Freedom Techniques and Reiki to help people deal with traumatic events, get off drugs, manage pain, help prevent dis-ease, and help people to heal and become productive members of society again. Penny will be training people in a 4 day event in the technique of Matrix re-imprinting, a powerful and effective technique for helping people get to deep seated issues and transform their core beliefs and META-Health which is a biological analytical process to find the root cause of all dis-ease. The money raised by this event will go directly to help the Energy healers Association NPO, one of whose aims is to raise money to support abused woman in South Africa. The Energy Healers Association's ultimate aim is to provide a safe haven for these woman and gently assist them to build their own healing practice so they can leave behind the trauma of their past and build a life that can transform their and their community’s future. You can attend the training itself and transform your own life with the knowledge that the money you paid will go directly to help others. You can donate directly to the Energy Healers association via this page and your donation will go towards the programs the Energy Healers Association run for helping abused women and children. Naturally the more you give, the better for the programs reach & ultimate goal. Please do help get the word out that here is a program that works to free women of the chains imposed on them. The aim of the program is to provide skills so that they can have a life that is empowering for themselves and their children. So give today and please do share with your social media partners and friends, every little bit helps you to do good. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE EVENT FROM WWW.CHANGEAHEAD.BIZ OR THE ENERGY HEALERS ASSOCIATION
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