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Ngala Rangers - Kruger National Park
Rhinos Without Borders
Rhinos Without Borders is a conservation project in which & Beyond and industry partners along with government ministries has committed to moving 100 rhino (both black and white) from existing high density populations in South Africa, and releasing them into various parts of Botswana, a country with stringent anti-poaching measures. The aim of the project is to increase geographical spread of the wild rhino population, which will decrease the threat of extinction due to poaching.
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Our Horn is NOT Medicine
This campaigns goal is to educate the public on the plight of the Rhino, and to raise funds for the SANParks Counter-poaching efforts.Our Horn is NOT Medicine is a campaign started by Lee-Anne Davis, a field ranger in the KNP area. Dylan Davies and Andrew Nicholson joined Lee-Anne's fight against poaching mid 2012. With the help of the rangers in their team they have been able to raise funding and awareness for this very important cause.We know that most of you want to know how you can help. Well this is your chance. Together, we can win this war!100% of your contribution goes directly to this cause.If you would like to learn more, please go to the facebook page.Our Horn is NOT MedicineEmail us ourhornisnotmedicine@gmail.com- Lee-Anne Davis- Andrew Nicholson- Dylan Davies
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