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One In An ARMY is a fan collective comprised of volunteers from around the world. Inspired by BTS’ messages and driven by the motto that each of us is
Art is something that ARMY easily associates with Joon, given his extensive interest in artworks and their impact. So, this year, ARMY decided to support the cause of art and culture and we started looking out for a grassroots organization that is making a positive impact on people through the medium. We are elated to celebrate Namjoon’s birthday with #DrawWithRM, a 7-day flash fundraiser supporting Anouk Foundation.About Anouk FoundationAnouk Foundation is a Geneva-based non-profit that uses the medium of therapeutic murals to transform environments in hospitals and socio-medical institutions. These murals help improve the physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of patients, residents, and staff. They are developed by experienced artists who undergo continual training to meet the needs of sick patients or residents in hospitals and specialised institutions.This initiative by the foundation impacts people across all ages, origins, genders and religion. Whether through an art program that involves kids whose drawings are turned into wall arts by artists or workshops specially catering to seniors, elderly and asylum seekers, Anouk Foundation is attempting to promote the well-being of patients, improve their interaction with the staff and turn wall arts into tools to ease treatments. Your donation will help them reach more people in need.About One In An ARMYOne In An ARMY is a fan collective comprising of BTS ARMY. Following our motto that every ARMY can make a huge impact with $1, if we all come together, we run fundraisers connecting grassroots organizations around the world with ARMY.
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For Yoongi's birthday, ARMY chose to support the cause for people with disabilities. So, this year, One In An ARMY is launching a 5-day flash fundraiser for Another Way of Seeing, a South Korean non-profit org working towards creating a pathway for the visually impaired to communicate with the world.About Another Way of SeeingAnother Way of Seeing aims to create a creative educational and cultural infrastructure to support students and adults with visual disabilities through art classes, college admissions, art exhibitions, Braille tactile book production, and artist incubation projects. Taking a first of its kind approach, the organization is creating a path of art education for visually impaired that has never existed in the Korean society.Some ways in which the organization helps include:1. Conducting art classes at the school for the blind with professionals from various areas.2. "Not Taken Project" to support students attending art colleges by providing systematic support through artistic education and opportunities.3. Publishing books that show art classes held in blind school classroom and making efforts to establish a research base of visual arts education system.4. Collaborating with the IT development and technology team to digitize the art teaching materials, developing apps for viewing and listening, and producing audio books to use with tactile books.5. Development and production of Braille tactile books.6. Hosting an award for visually impaired students nationwide. It is designed to develop creativity and vitalize art education for visually impaired children and adolescents in Korea.7. Providing a systematic preparatory course for students with visual disabilities who wish to enter art colleges.Your donation will help the organization get a step closer to their goal. About One In An ARMYOIAA is a fan collective promoting microdonations through its monthly campaigns and flash fundraisers. We believe that many people coming together to donate even $1 can make a huge impact. We work with orgs from different parts of the world to share their work with ARMY, who in turn support organizations to make a positive change in people's lives.
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Hobi from BTS, also known as the sunshine, has inspired many to adopt a positive outlook toward life and has supplemented his words through actions including supporting orgs across various important causes. This year, ARMY chose mental health as the cause they’d like to support. To celebrate Hobi’s birthday One In An ARMY is collaborating with Darkness RISING Project for a 5-day flash fundraiser: #RisingWithHope.About Darkness RISING Project Darkness RISING Project is a mental health nonprofit that aims to improve the health and wellness of the Black community, and erase the stigma surrounding mental health issues by raising awareness and engaging the community via resources, events and services.Some of the free resources provided by the organization include:Black Mental Health Provider Database: Includes Black therapists, counselors, psychiatrists and life coaches. Black Mental Health Resource Packet: Directories, apps, podcast, organizations, advocates, emergency hotlines. Communities supported: Black community, LGBTQIA, Vets, Substance Use, Postpartum communities.Broadway for Mental Health Support: A partnership with Broadway producers to provide free therapy for Broadway company members, created in partnership with Tony Winner Adrienne Warren. Other offerings include Help Me Find a Therapist Program to assist the community members in the search of Black therapists, REBUILD, a program that connects BIPOC justice-involved individuals to culturally competent therapists, free community workshops, a concert and more.About One In An ARMY (OIAA)One in An ARMY is a fan collective comprising BTS fans and we bring ARMY and grassroots organizations together to make a positive difference in the world through micro-donations.
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We asked ARMY about the cause they would like to support for Taehyung's birthday and they chose Animal Welfare & Services! So, to celebrate our Winter Bear's special day, we are collaborating with Comunidad Iti Wara Yassi (CIWY), a Bolivian non-governmental organization for a 5-day flash fundraiser: #RehabiliTae.About CIWYComunindad Inti Wara Yassi is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and care of wild animals seized from illegal trafficking and fights to end the animal trade through educational programs, research projects and public actions.The name “Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi” reflects the ethnic diversity of Bolivia and a link with nature, by using words from the indigenous languages of the three main ethnic groups in Bolivia. “Inti” means “sun” in Quechua, “Wara” means “star” in Aymara, and “Yassi” means “moon” in Chiriguano-Guaraní. Bringing these languages together symbolizes unity.”Wildlife Sanctuaries: The org operates three wildlife sanctuaries throughout Bolivia, with professional interns and volunteers engaging in rescue operations and the rehabilitation and care of wildlife. These sanctuaries include Parque Machia, Parque Ambue Ari, and Parque Jacj Cuisi.Environmental Education: CIWY conducts workshops, marches, demonstrations, educational entertainment and mentorship to educate the public on the negative impact of wildlife trafficking and habitat destruction.Scientific Research: CIWY promotes the scientific study of the environment and species as a tool against habitat destruction, illegal trafficking and species decline.Your donation will help cover the medical needs of the rescued animals, including urgent treatments or surgeries and medicines supply.About One In An ARMYOne In An ARMY is a fan-collective group, composed of fans of BTS. With a belief that many people donating just $1 can make a huge impact, OIAA connects ARMY with grassroots organization around the world through monthly campaigns and birthday flash fundraisers.
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