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Anything is possible if you believe! I love pushing the boundaries and i'm in awe of the power of the mind! I will keep pushing until I can't.
I am raising funds for Qhubeka Charity
Hi! I need your help. As many of you know I am participating in Ironman on Sunday 7 April 2019 in Port Elizabeth. I will realistically never be a world champion, but I love the Ironman because it makes me feel like I am a world champion for a day and makes me believe I can do anything in the world that I put my mind to. This year I have set myself a challenging goal and that is that I would like to break the 12-hour barrier, which for a weekend warrior like me would be a great achievement. However, I want to do more than just break 12 hours, I want to change people’s lives...How? I want to raise money for the Qhubeka Charity. Qhubeka does great work by raising money to donate bicycles to people in need in South Africa. Please watch the video above to see why this is such a great cause! I would like to set my target at buying 5 bicycles. Each bike costs R2250 and includes a helmet and delivery. I know that when the going gets tough and I have to keep moving forward the thing that will make me dig even deeper is to know that I have the ability to change 5 people’s lives with my efforts. I would like you to please make a donation to this great cause, but I would like you to give me 50% of your donation immediately and the other 50% if I break my 12-hour goal as this will inspire me to dig really deep on the day!
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