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Cock-a-Doodle-Do Good with Me!
It’s been a wild ride since I last faced the epic showdown with the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon. I won't sugar-coat it — I got my tail feathers handed to me! But Captain Crowalot is back, and I'm ready to face my feather-ruffling arch-nemesis once again! Over the past year, I've been training like a Springbok rugby player – tackling challenges and sprinting towards success. I've polished my feathers, sharpened my beak, and fine-tuned my crowing skills! The stage is set for the grand rematch on October 15th, 2023. But here's the deal, my friends—I can't do this solo! I need your support to help me conquer this egg-stremely tough and gruelling challenge. Join me by pledging your allegiance to the Justice League of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA down below. Together, we'll make sure I'm not just winging it, but soaring to victory! Your donation will make a real difference in the lives of our furry and feathered friends. Give me something to crow about and cock-a-doodle-do good with me! #CrowalotForJustice
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World Record for Running a Marathon in a 6 man Costume
A group of 6 friends: Muhammad SanglayAshraf RahimanAsgar DalvieEbrahim RawootNadeem SanglayAyoub Banderker will be attempting to break the world record for running a marathon in a 6 man costume at the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon on 23rd September 2018. We have decided to partner with the Cape of Good Hope SPCA by raising funds for this amazing organisation. In keeping with our Partner, we will be running in a Dachshund costume. Our team name is Top Dogs Please support us by donating to this wonderful organisation. From left to right in the photo:Ayoub, Ashraf, Muhammed, Asgar, Nadeem and Ebrahim
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