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Mishie is a COW again
As you may all know i ride the 947 with the COWS to raise money for CHOC. Being part of this great cause is very close to my heart and losing too many people to cancer makes it extra close to home. The Cows have raised over 30 million Rand and every cent goes to building houses, buying transport for the kids and the parents to get to hospitals for treatment. There is also so so much that this money does and covers i cannot even begin to start but all i can say is this is "feel good" stuff and means the world to me and especially the children and their families..... LOVE LIVING LIFE
R 11,477
raised of the R 6,000 target
of the target
10 Year Anniversary for THE COWS ...
As always i am riding the 947 for The COWS, who raise money for CHOC. it is their 10th anniversary and our goal is a WHOPPING 10 million Rand. but i know we can do this as i have the best support ever. Each cent counts, it is such a great cause and kids dont deserve to go through having cancer. Please support and help with whatever you can afford..... lets get to the big 10 in 2017
R 10,200
raised of the R 6,000 target
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Riding the 947 for The Cows to help children with cancer
Please support me once again while I raise funds for The Cows (CHOC childhood cancer foundation) by riding the 947 Cycle Challenge on 20 November. The kids are our future and every cent counts...... this is your time to help :)
R 7,150
raised of the R 6,000 target
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Riding the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge with the Cows
Riding the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge with the Cows to support children with cancer (CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA).
R 4,900
raised of the R 6,000 target
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