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Skydive for Rhinos 2012
Hello errbody, Let me get straight to the point – the last rhino to die, may have already been born! – take some time to think about this statement... Now, because of the fact that there are people out there who think, ‘well, why should I care about this when my brothers and sisters are hungry?’ This ignorance really frustrates and angers me because truth is our Eco-tourism industry provides jobs to members of local communities, allowing these to provide for their families and giving future generations an option in life. Simply put: NO RHINO NO BIG FIVE, which is one of the major factors that attract international tourists to South Africa. When the last Rhino has fallen they may as well go to Timbuktu for holiday. One might now ask themselves “well then, what can I do to protect this natural resource from being exploited by outsiders and more importantly what can I do so that my children’s children will be able to experience the presence of this majestic creature and not be reduced to seeing them in books?” The answer for me is, by not looking the other way and passively thinking somebody else will deal with it. I have joined the 2012 Skydive for Rhino Campaign and the 17th of November I will be jumping out of an aeroplane from 10 000ft in the hopes of creating awareness and raise funds to fight the war against Rhino poaching. I will be putting forward the initial “jump fee” myself, and 100% of donations/ sponsorships that I receive will go to bona-fide and urgently-needed rhino protection activities that African Conservation Trust can verify and monitor. You can make a difference by helping me reach my goal in raising R8 000 in support of this cause. You’re free to sponsor as much or as little as you like – every single cent helps trust that! I have registered as an Activist on the GivenGain online donation site and donating to Skydive for Rhinos campaign is now very easy, simple and secure. And what’s more important, donations can be made in numerous currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, ZAR, CHF) from anywhere in the world, so please don’t hesitate circulating this message to any and all of your friends and family around the world! Make your donation/ sponsor and keep the future of South Africa in the light! Take care Mary PS Donations From Individuals and Corporates are Fully Tax Deductible :)
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Skydive for Rhinos 2012
To create awareness of the mess we face that is Rhino poaching. Because there are too many South Africans who cry "who cares about rhinos when our brothers and sisters are hungry" not realising that Eco-tourism provides work to a significant number of people from local communities. This not only empowers them by creating a sustainable environment for their families but by also creating options for future generations.
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