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I am committed to Quality Education for ALL our children in South Africa by 2022!
Donating my Birthday
1st December is my birthday. I have decided to 'donate' my birthday to Symphonia for South Africa's School @ the Centre of Community / QE4SA project. I am inviting every person who has been inspired by our work in Education to please make a donation to support our goal to achieve Quality Education for all Children in South Africa by 2022. I am deliberately not going to DO something on my birthday but I am rather just going to take the day out to BE with my family and hope that people in my network would be willing to make a small (or large :-)) donation to support QE4SA / S@CC. Thank you in advance for your donation of - R10.00 / R100.00 / R1000.00 to acknowledge my commitment to decicate the next 10 years of my life to this work - R47.00 / R470.00 to celebrate my 47th birthday - R84.00 / R840.00 to celebrate that we are currently working in 84 schools across South Africa - any other amount just because you want to support our work / want to contribute to a special birthday. Please know that I will be receiving notifications of any donations and every donation will contribute to my sense of wellbeing on my birthday :-). For more information about our work in education: www.QE4SA.org
R 4,320
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An invitation to SA Business leaders
I am inviting my vast network of South African business leaders to get actively involved in helping to address the Education challenge in South Africa. The invitation is to share your knowledge and skills to a school principal and his/her school community through our Partnership for Possibility Leadership development process. If you are too busy to do this, I would love to mobilise others to do the work on your behalf but we need funding for this so my invitation is for business leaders to support our project to radically change education in the next decade.
R 17,650
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