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Everest 2017!
Everest, The last of the seven summits! I will be departing South Africa for Kathmandu on 4 April 2017. We trek for 10 days to get to base camp. Will be summiting mid May and returning home in June. 4863 People have summited Mount Everest successfully since the beginning of time, less than 450 people have summited all 7 summits! This will be the highest, most difficult challenge to date but definitely not my last. Many kids face big challenges too. Particularly kids with cancer. I have done many fundraisers and races for the kids at CHOC. The courage it takes to fight this disease is huge! help me to help the kids summit those challenges. Lets show those kids that every mountain top is in within reach, Just keep climbing, just keep climbing or in their case, just keep fighting, just keep fighting.
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Running Sky run 100km on Cycle challenge weekend
Some people may call it old age, others just being preoccupied. But whatever it is, i managed to double book two big races. This year I will be missing the 94.7 to compete in the Skyrun. Its a self navigated 100km trail run through the Witteberg mountains. With a 30 hour cutoff, I am hoping to come in under 24 hours. I will be doing this race for all the champion kids at CHOC fighting this horrible disease called Cancer. Please could you donate R100 or more to this wonderful cause. My wife is very very very sad to be missing this years cycle. Please donate lots of money to make her smile again.
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Riding the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge with the Cows
Riding the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge with the Cows to support children with cancer (CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA).
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Riding the Amashova with the Cows
I don't want to be different, I want to BE the difference. This year, I will be cycling the Amashovha in cow kit to support children with cancer (CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA). CHOC is an awesome organization which touches lives of not just one individual, but thousands and thousands of Children with Cancer and their families. Please open your wallets and your hearts and support my cause. As John D. Rockefeller said – “Think of giving not only as a duty but as a privilege.” Lets make a difference.
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