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I still believe in the God of the impossible! CEO of Free To Serve
“Let us build the Wall”
"We’re Never More Like God Than When We Give" (Rick Warren)FREE TO SERVE INDOCHINA has to start building our FTS Training Centre on a plot which has already been paid for - "Thank You Jesus!" Every member of our FTS Board of Members committed to raise ± R 12 000 as Fundraising Activists for building the Wall. This is Elna & my project to raise funds: In October 2017 Elna and I will be celebrating our 65th birthdays... We challenge you to help us raising money for the Free To Serve Wall around the plot. This is how you can help us: By donating R 50 (or $ 5 or £ 5) for our birthdays = it automatically goes into the Account of FREE TO SERVE when you click on the Donate buttonYou can also donate multiple R 50’s (or $ 5’s or £ 5’s)Your whole donation goes towards the building of the Free To Serve Wall in ThailandOne meter of the wall costs Free To Serve R 650 = $ 50 or £ 40You don't need to donate the whole R 650 - it can be any amount what you can afford e.g. R 50, R 100 or R 250"Let's do something beautiful for our Lord"(Mother Theresa)
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Poor Thai Children
Poor Thai Children - mostly orphans - are based in our Free To Serve Thai Children's Home. We accommodate them in our Children's Home. We give these poorest of the poor children the opportunity to receive good Schooling as well as good food and housing and love and lead then to become friends of the Lord Jesus Christ. It cost's us R 10 000 per month to keep this Children's Home open I challenge all my friends to Donate a once off R 100 (or more) each for this Project of Free To Serve for my next Birthday - my 62nd - on 14 October 2014 I already made a donation of R 100 to this project myself to start off this Project - please follow my example! I myself will receive no money in return but all the money raised will be given to our Thai Children's Home
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