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Running for Souper Troopers - Dignity, Love, Respect
The REAL RACE IS NOW ON! Completing my completing my 13th Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon and the goal was to raise R21000 for Souper Troopers - an NPO that brings Dignity, Love & Respect to homeless people, BY homefull people (that's you and me). That is R1000 for every kilometer run. If 1000 people each contribute R21 that is done and dusted! And I know people will likely be more generous. Here is what your money is going to be used for: * many of those on the street do not have identification - either their ID's have been lost, stolen, burnt, or even worse confiscated when the authorities have removed their personal belongings. Cost to replace an ID is R140 (1st time is free). Without it you can't apply for grants, bank accounts, get your kids registered in school to name a few things. Employment without ID - forget it! * many of those with kids, can not afford to get their kids registered for school (and yes whilst basic education should be free, consider transport to school, a uniform etc costs money), so increasing the cycle of poverty with no education. Also those kids then are on the street. Impacting these 2 things will make a difference to ending the cycle of poverty. Souper Troopers has been building a database of recipients needing support to this kind of funding. This not a handout. Everyday I pass people on the streets begging. Giving a bit of money in that moment doesn't solve their problem - truthfully it just makes us, and hopefully them, feel better for a short while - It's a sprint. Where do these people go, how do we uplift them out of their situation? Souper Troopers has a bigger vision, an ultra-marathon if you will, to not only assist but empower people to get off the street. With OUR assistance they can fulfill on it. I have pushed my body, and now I am asking you to push and motivate others to contribute. This cause motivated me to keep going and keeping one foot in front of the next on race day. I made it to the Finish line. (I am not a natural athlete, and it takes something to complete 21.1km, this year I am aimed to finish in 2hrs45 and I did it!) I invite you to join me & contribute to this FINISHING line by backing a project that will make a long-term difference to the plight of the homeless. Please donate to this fundraising project on GivenGain! AND share it with all the people you know. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A LASTING DIFFERENCE, one step at a time!
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