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Mandela Day 2019 for Qhubeka!
Hi! We will be fundraising for Mandela Day 2019 in benefit of Qhubeka Charity, who does great work! If you can, please donate to our fundraising project on GivenGain!
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Qhubeka is an Nguni word that means “to carry on”, “to progress”, “to move forward”. Qhubeka believes that mobilising people with bicycles can change lives through creating access to education, healthcare and economic opportunity.NTT Pro Cycling for Qhubeka believes that #BicyclesChangeLives too. Qhubeka isn’t an afterthought, it is the reason we clip in and ride, the incentive to go out and train, and our motivation to win races. This is why we invite you to join our mission to fund 5,000 bicycles for people through Qhubeka. How a bicycle changes lives in Africa Riding a bicycle increases a person’s carrying capacity by 5xOver the same period of time, a person riding a bicycle can travel 4x the distance as someone walkingFor every 16km travelled, a bicycle saves 3 hours of valuable time Throughout the 2020 season you can help us reach our 5,000 bicycle goal by: 1. Donating towards a bicycleFunding bicycles, like so many things in cycling, is all about marginal gains. Every little bit counts, so whether you can donate only a few rands/dollars/euros or your company can fund 100 bicycles, your donation will make a difference and help us reach our goal. Donate now.2. Give the 5-finger salute any time you see us If you have the opportunity to see us race we’d love to see you do the 5-finger salute when we ride past. This will remind us why we ride and motivate us to give just that little bit more. In return, we hope to be giving the 5-finger salute many times as we cross the finish line in first place.3. Share our stories about how #BicyclesChangeLives Talk about what motivates us in conversations with your friends and family or on social media. You can even start your own fundraising campaign here to help us reach our goals. How your donations change lives with bicyclesQhubeka uses the funds you help us raise through #BicyclesChangeLives to fund bicycles for recipients in their work-to-earn programmes. Through long-term partnerships with Qhubeka’s implementation partners, people are able to earn bicycles through programmes in return for activities like bartering recyclable waste, cultivating indigenous trees, or improving academic performance. A bicycle mechanic is also trained for each community in which 500 or more bicycles are delivered, creating new employment opportunities.
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