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I firmly believe in making a difference to the world in which we live and each year I try to involve myself in a different environmental project/campaign. This year I have decided to partake in the "Skydive for Rhinos" campaign. The poaching of rhinos has rapidly increased in the past couple of years, with a rhino being slaughtered approximately every 20 hours. South Africa and Zimbabwe are the two countries which have been most affected. Please see where everything is explained). Unfortunately, only so much can be done with the available resources. For this reason, I have decided to partake in the “Skydive for Rhinos” event. However; in order for the campaign to achieve their R10 million target, each participant is required to raise a minimum of R5000. The funds raised will be used purely for the purchasing of equipment, and skills development. I urge you to please assist me in this worthy cause. The fate of these majestic creatures is in our hands. Together we can make a difference. Please help me to make a difference with your donation. Any donation however big or small will be most appreciated.
R 8,020
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