Roy Godfrey
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Bitten by the open water bug too long ago to remember.
Cape Mile 5 Mile Swim for MS
MS is an unpredictable, and so far incurable disease which affects the central nervous system. Those who live with MS suffer pain, numbness and tingling feeling everyday with the intensity varying. As the disease progresses simple day to day tasks become more and more difficult for those with MS.  This swim is dedicated to a colleague of my daughter. A teacher at a Primary School who suffers from MS. Like so many, she is a fighter and tries her hardest not to let it define who she is or how she lives her life. But there is no hiding from this disease and there are days when it 'beats' her.Please support this worthy cause so they can continue to do provide the support to the sufferers and continue the important research so one day maybe we can find a we to defeat this terrible disease.
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