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I began this fundraising page in honor of someone very dear to my heart who was diagnosed with mild Cerebral Palsy at the age of one. Since then it has been one giant roller coaster in helping him surpass his condition, but it has taught me one value lesson: We are far more fortunate than many other families who have children who suffer from Cerebral Palsy. Many of them will never see their children walk or even talk, and knowing this has brought an immense sense of gratitude for how well he has been doing. In the past four years we have been blessed with so much help in getting the right treatment for him, that I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult it must feel/be for families in rural countries. So this year I am making it my personal mission to raise funds for the Ethembeni School, a boarding school for primarily Zulu children living with Cerebral Palsy, visual impairments, and other physical disabilities in rural South Africa. The school is home to 300 students between the ages of four and 18, and it is their residence as well as their school. The community where the school is located is just north of Durban in an area where unemployment is consistently over 25%, poverty is a way of life, and many modern amenities are inaccessible to the residents. My goal this year is to raise at least $1,500 (one year's tuition for a student) if not more. I plan to do so by your generous donations and by donating 100% of all sales made from my Etsy Shop this year ( So thank you in advance for helping such an amazing cause, and please let us remember to always pay it forward. Much love and gratitude, Andrea
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