Deidre Smith
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SIS Rhino Group
We have had contact with Project Rhino KZN and raised 252€ last year. This year we hope to raise even more. We have plans to sell rhino shaped cookies and friendship bands. We hope to come up with some more creative fund raising ideas. We are also trying to promote the save the rhino message through social media and have Instagram and youtube accounts.
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Stockholm International School Rhino Preservation group
We are a group of students at SIS who care about the future of the rhinos. We are horrified about that many rhinos are killed illegally every year and want to do what we can to stop this slaughter. We also hope, through our actions, to raise awareness about this important issue not only here in Stockholm but in other parts of the world as well. We will be selling friendship bands and rhino cookies to raise funds. We shall also try contact students in other parts of the world to tell them about this cause in the hope that they will spread the message that we should save the rhinos.
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