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Once again i'll be doing 94.7 for the Choc Cows! Supporting Children with Cancer.
I am riding the memory bike at this years Ride Joburg with the Cows
I became a CHOC Cow in 2010 when my stepson, Craig was diagnosed with cancer and his brother started fund-raising for his treatment. Once I became a Cow, there was no looking back. I have cycled the 947 race 5 times proudly wearing the Cow kit and raising funds for CHOC. Since Craig passed away, we have lost many other friends and family to this dreadful disease, including Craig and Marc’s father, Steve who passed away in November last year. The number of people being affected by a cancer diagnosis grows daily.As children have a far better chance of beating this disease, we have continued to support CHOC in every way we can, giving more children the chance to be housed, cared for, and transported to various oncology center's around the country.The work done by CHOC is absolutely incredible and there is no worthier cause that I can think of to support.After Craig passed away, Marc came up with the idea of a memory bike, in the form of a tandem that has no passenger on the back seat, just the memory of someone loved and lost.After Steve died, I opted to ride the bike during the 947 cycle race this year, in his honour and in that way raise funds to help support children fighting cancer.Please support me with any donation, big or small, it will all go to this very worthy cause.
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Riding the 94.7 with the Cows
Riding the 94.7 with the Cows to support children with cancer (CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA).
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Hi Once again i'll be riding the 94.7 with the Cows to support children with cancer (CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA).
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