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The Whitman Baard Wedding Reforestation Project
Hi! As you know we are getting married in August and being lovers of the earth with a passion for the indigenous flora that we spend so much of our time exploring, we are asking for those of you who are looking for a wedding present for us, to help support the Greenpop Foundation. They do great work for a cause that’s very close to our hearts. We have taken part in a reforest festival with Greenpop and support the beautiful Platbos Forest. We hope to leave our positive mark on the place we call home and contribute to growing the forests of Southern Africa. If you can, please donate to our fundraising project on GivenGain!
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Put Shoes on Kid's Feet in Africa!
As my Cambodian chapter comes to a close next month, I’m headed to Cape Town to begin a 3 week road rally across 5-6 countries in Southern Africa with my colleague Katie (finalized route by the committee is still forthcoming). I am taking all of my vacation in a lump before coming back to the States, and the road rally is part of a fundraiser to put shoes on kids feet in schools across southern Africa, so why not do something good, see some new countries, and have a bit of safari all at the same time??! Maybe I’ll even meet a South African that is destined to be the love of my life :) Ok I won’t get carried away...We will be leaving Cape Town, heading north to Namibia to see some sand dunes and ancient desert, across to Botswana skirting the edge of the Okavango Delta, then up to Zambia for the great Zambezi and Victoria Falls, to Malawi for a kayak-about its great lake, and over to Mozambique to experience a coastal culture, eat some seafood, and have a dive in the southern hemisphere!We have paid entrance fees for the road rally, but have a small remaining amount of fundraising to do. I have to raise about $50, so if you could spare a couple of bucks we’ll hit our goal and then you can be a part of the “shoeing” of some cool kids that I’ll get to meet along my journey!
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