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I am raising funds for Beautiful Gate South Africa
It's hard but never hopeless:Beautiful Gate is an amazing Organization working in a Community that has many challenges. Our staff are my heroes - it's them I want to honour in this Fundraising. They go way beyond the call of duty, often putting their lives at risk for the sake of the vulnerable. Life is hard. Their context is filled with trauma and fear; yet they carry determined hope.Your giving will help me nurture, equip and upskill our staff to be all they need to be as we care for them.
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Small Steps to Big Change
We are passionate about being part of a New South Africa. A land where there are equal opportunities for everyone. Cindy works at Beautiful Gate and is involved in developing programmes that help develop the whole child. We long to see Lower Crossroads as a Community that is transformed by the love of Jesus, where children are safe, where learning is exciting and health services are optimal. Where Teenagers are loved and accepted, where they feel like they belong and believe they have something to give and a purpose to live for.Whenever we train and it gets pretty tough to keep going, this is honestly the motivation that keeps us moving. We see a Community that desperately wants to see change and we know that the journey to get there is hard. We hope that our support, our faith, and our love keep us moving forward.
R 50,000
raised of the R 50,000 target
of the target
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