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Hi all you boring people! I cannot believe it – why are you sitting in front of your computer screens while life is so full of fun and things to discover? Anyway, in case you forgot – today I’m one year old and tomorrow the 17th is my birthday. And don’t ask me to explain the math again, Mom still doesn’t get it! And very important, don’t tell Dad Stefanus and Oom Swannie I’m writing this birthday letter in the language of the Conqueror – they will crack if they find out I’m not writing in the heavenly language of Afrikaans. They won’t understand that I don’t have time to translate a letter in another language – so for now English must do (the previous 3 was in Afrikaans, come to think of it). Before I tell you more about the past year, let me stop you in your tracks before you rush off to buy me a present. I really don’t need anything. I’m so blessed with a loving Dad and Mom – not to talk about the large extended family that think I’m the cutest thing since ice cream. I have too many toys, I don’t know where to throw them anymore. I have so many books to pull off shelves, it is enough to fill a recycling container. But you are not getting off the hook so easily. I need your help to help others – isn’t the idea of a birthday to count your blessing and to help those who are not so fortunate? Anyway, since the beginning of November I’ve stopped shaving and am growing a moustache as part of the Cancer Association’s Movember campaign to help men and boys with cancer. Dad is also growing a mo’, but he is really looking feeble compared to me! I bet, with your help I’ll be able to raise R1000 ($150) through my own fundraising page. Click on the donate button at the top of this page and support my efforts now! Anyway, back to the past year. Looking back, the first 6 months was really boring: drinking, smiling, massaging, bathing, sleeping, and helping the Pampers shareholders out of the global recession. But since I’m able to crawl, I’m giving Osama ago – you think about it and I’ll destroy it for you. Dad says he thinks I swallowed an uranium capsule, because I have ceaseless energy. But boy, oh boy, they look like leftovers. Dad is constantly complaining that he is tired because he is doing two jobs at the University and his Master studies. Mom Helena moans that she cannot keep up helping Grandpa Ernst with his accounts – it is a pity that Grandpa isn’t sending me any invoices, because then he’ll be the richest paediatrician in the galaxy. Since I got my grommets in both ears last week, I’m sleeping much better and my head isn’t feeling so thick anymore. But now Mom is in bed again with fever. On Friday I played a major role in our school’s Christmas play. I was the Main Sheep of the flock. I was really glad that we had to eat cereal off the stage and not grass! I enjoyed it so much I nearly destroyed the manger. This is enough of this writing stuff, I’m off to conquer the world again. But before you read other boring profiles put your money where my moustache is and support CANSA’s men’s health campaign. Enjoy life! It is worth living! With lots of smiles Christiaan
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