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A South African believing in positive change and living in a way that encourages unity.
UNSTRESSED Surf Development
Optimise my network and skill to motivate change through active ocean experiences.
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Connectivity for All
APRIL UPDATE: Thanks to an incredible effort of a past Schools Project volunteer to the Wild Coast Schools Project in Chintsa, and Mikee, Chintsa's latest father, we are nearing a total of R 20 000 to the Connectivity For All project. How is it being spent? 1. Three schools connected, two by mobile dongle and one on an ADSL line. 2. New hardware - UPS and memory upgrades to allow connectivity in the schools 3. Hard drive for shared school use Beyond this we have R120 000 pledged for the "Big Green e-machine" which is now undergoing its first phase of overhaul to becoming a mobile learning centre. For update on Big Green's exciting progress and a really cool animated dvd on our design for the eeee, visit the Friends of Chintsa site by clicking on the logo on the left. Thanks again for making connectivity a reality. TOTAL RAISED TO DATE, ALMOST R10 000 ..... keep it coming and we'll keep it moving! January 2010 Update........ the first school is enjoying connectivity with their first e-mail being greeted with tremendous excitement. Please take 2 minutes to write a quick "Welcome to Connectivity" e-mail on the following address chintsaschool@gmail.com Remember that the connected world we take for granted, is not necessarily shared by all and it is a learning curve of undertanding and appreciation for those just exposed to it. Towards the end of last year Mikee Ford and Hannah Dixie, valuable Friends of Chintsa, successfully submitted a proposal to Cambridge University for funding towards the Conectivity Project. This gives us 18 months support and an 802 pound fund from Cambridge University that will allow us to implemnt the Connectivity strategy to three rural schools who are part of the Volunteer Africa 32 degrees south (VA32) ICT initiative. This is an enormous boost to launching the much needed connectivity in the schools and will form a stepping stone to our larger objective of developing ICT Education and Training, growing the "Global Learners" program and providing portals with free connectivity for community. In the interim we will utilise connectivity at the schools for the adult literacy that is happening in the area. If the info is out there, we need to get it in "here" .......... South African rural schools and their surrounding communities need to get connected. With our daily support & strong track record, donor investment hits its target. Viva Friends of Chintsa (FoC)! So what is "Global Learners"? This exciting initiative is to create a "one world" learning environment that links learners across the globe. From e-mails to facebooks, Skypes to Wikkis, Google Earth to YouTube, we want to provide free access where learners can share. Connectivity makes this a reality. Global Learners is also inclusive of teachers and recently 3 South Afrcan teachers from rural Wild Coast schools visited the UK on a sharing experience with these teachers offering the reciprocal experience to the UK hosts who arrive in South Africa on Sunday. Connectivity will ensure communication, mentoring and colaboration across the continents will continue. Special thanks to Jo who has been at the heart of building Global Learners. The Friends of Chintsa, Connectivity for All, is a strong partnership project of local businesses, educational support organisations and committed individuals and teachers. My role is to facilitate and manage the project, ensure schools are driving ICT in their schools and act as a conduit between the community and the computer labs. With Friends of Chintsa and VA32, it makes for a very fortunate position. Thanks everyone, you're brilliant.
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