Wynand du Toit
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Working at Epilepsy South Africa National Office, working for people with epilepsy and other disabilities in South Africa.
Fed up with Human Rights!!
I'm FED UP with Human Rights Violations!!! Fed up of the cruel treatment of children with epilepsy, because they are "Demon possessed". Wonder who the real demons are...!?!? Fed up of girls being raped during a seizure because they have no recollection of what happens during that seizure. Help me to raise funds for Epilepsy SA so that we all start doing something about this absolute gross violation of basic human rights. This project runs up to National Epilepsy Week, starting on the 21st of June so that we can offer this support to this great organisation. Let's help a child with all the potential in the world to not go through something like the above - they do not deserve that, do they?
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