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Active Compassion? As a survivor of the 2004 Tsunami and diagnosed with skin cancer in 1983, challenged me to act with compassion!
Supporting those who battle cancer!
I am actively involved with the project CANSA Shavathon 2012, but to keep perspective I want also to raise funds while I am so busy with the details this project! Help me to become green!! I identify with this project because cancer is such a huge reality on a daily basis to all of us. Being diagnosed with Skin Cancer in 1983 and continuously aware of the dangers of over-exposure to the sun. Identifying with the purpose of CANSA Shavathon to honour those fighting cancer. I want to honour the memory of a personal mentor, Bertie Groenewald, who I so dearly miss & John Powell who are a survivor!
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Help the Survivors -revived
As a survivor of the 2004 Tsunami and at that time resident in Thailand, we not only dealt with our own trauma in the aftermath of it, but have seen and experienced the trauma of the Thai peoples. We worked for nearly 18 months in that country on the ground to help people in that context to rebuild their lives and continue to be involved with many workers helping to deal with the unseen and forgotten needs of the peoples in that part of the world. With the recent disaster in Haiti our prayers are with the peoples of that country that are devastated. They not only need all help they can get, but also very specific help and I want to challenge you to an opportunity to send a very capable team of South Africans to help with trauma counseling. The Global Relief Emergency Fund is specifically set-up to send team of well qualified professionals to assist the people in disaster situations to deal with trauma. Please take the opportunity to help Global Relief to send a trauma relief team to Haiti.
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