Andries Louw
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Researcher / project manager at the Nova Institute. Languages, cultures and cycling are like hot chocolate to me - the ultimate treat!
Walk the Talk for Haiti
Three of us from the Africa for Haiti campaign visited Haiti from 10-22 August 2010. The Africa for Haiti executive is working on two project proposals, along with our partners in Haiti, with the view of establishing long-term relations with the people of Haiti. Africa for Haiti wants to support a clinic in Port-au-Prince for female victims of violence operated by SOFA. Another organisation, Saj Veyeyo runs a primary school that is still housing earthquake victims living in tents on the school premises. Both SOFA and Saj Veyeyo are Haitian organisations run by Haitian staff. Both are affiliated to PAPDA, the Haitian Platform for Alternative Development. The delegates that undertook the August 2010 trip were Bernard Likalimba from AfricanMonitor, Praveen Prasad from TrustAfrica and Andries Louw from Global Relief. Follow this link to see a list of Africa for Haiti partners: In the pictures above you can see Graça Machel and some Africa for Haiti partners walking the Discovery 702 Walk the Talk on 25 July 2010 to raise awareness for the campaign. We invite you to walk this journey with us and to talk with us as you follow our live updates from the ground in Haiti. Show your solidarity with the people of Haiti by making a donation to support Haitian initiatives to reconstruct their country. Please join in the conversation below, spread the message and encourage others to walk the talk too!
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Fan fever moments
With only one week of football madness left in South Africa, we all have our special fan fever moments to talk about. Please share your stories, experiences, pictures and video clips. My wife and I watched the Ghana-Uruguay drama in Soccer City on Friday night. The calabash was on fire! This week we want to visit some more fan fests. I am also interested to hear from South Africans overseas and what the fever is like where you are. Then make a donation towards Global Relief and help us appoint of our first permanent staff member. We are currently working with the Africa for Haiti campaign, an initiative of Graça Machel to support the long-term reconstruction of Haiti after the January earthquake. Please spread the message and help me find 30 people who will give R100 each.
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Cycling for Global Relief - USA
I want to raise $1,500 by cycling for Global Relief. Starting with the 94.7 cycle challenge in Joburg on 21 Nov, I want to rekindle an old love affair with my bike and start racing again on a regular basis. I'm doing this in support of Global Relief's staff fund. Global Relief is a South African volunteer organisation that serves the survivors of disasters. When people are in a crisis they need the love and compassion of their fellow human beings. This year I'm riding the 94.7 without any practice so I'm expecting a lot of pain. Your donation can enable Global Relief to sustain this vital service to communities in South Africa and around the world. Thank you for your support!
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Cycling for Global Relief - South Africa
I want to raise R10 000 by cycling for Global Relief. I started by riding the 2010 edition of the 94.7 cycle challenge. Global Relief is a South African organisation that sends volunteers to communities affected by disasters, focusing on psychosocial, medical and engineering support. Your donation can enable Global Relief to sustain this vital service to communities in South Africa and around the world. Thank you for your support!
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