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I am a christian passionate about Africa's people
I am raising funds for Refugee Action
Hi! I need your help. I'm taking part in Team United Kingdom to raise money for Refugee Action. Since 1981, they have been fighting to make sure that the UK shows refugees and people seeking asylum the best of humanity. They support survivors of violence, disaster and persecution to uphold their human rights and live free from poverty. But they can't do it alone! Peter and I decided to row the length of the Thames - 346km, or 173km each. We have done more and are still going strong!!. Peter has done more than 280km and I am just over 230km now. If you can, please donate to my fundraising project on GivenGain!
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MIND over matter - let's support even more champions
We are raising money for a branch of Mind in memory of a colleague, Ian Richardson whose passion was raising money for this charity. Activity trumps passivity without exception, so nothing like a good sports day to bring the whole team together and make the world a better place. Sponsor us to give much-needed support to an amazing charity.
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Our Children Our Future
Over the next 12 months I would like to raise awareness of the amazing change that can come to the education environment in South Africa through the S@CC initiative of Symphonia South Africa. If you think the children of South Africa deserve a better future, please support this initiative. It started in Cape Town, it is already impacted communities throughout South Africa and soon that ripple effect will touch Africa and ultimately the world.
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Pioneers in Poverty Alleviation
August & Anita Basson has been in Lesotho for almost 20 years where they are pioneers in poverty alleviation through conservation agriculture. Their work in Lesotho has been tremendously blessed and doors are opening for August to impact other parts of Africa with what they have done in Lesotho. My project is about enabling August and his team to unleash the potential of Africa.
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