YALLA San Diego Fall Crowdfunding Campaign

San Diego is currently the largest refugee resettlement city in the United States. In 2016, 1,000 refugees, many of them children, resettled in San Diego. Fleeing war and destruction, many had lost their homes, lives, and dignity, and now faced the daunting prospect of rebuilding their lives in a foreign land where many could not even speak the native language. Most vulnerable among these populations are the children, who miss critical years of schooling, and who urgently need academic and social support in order to develop properly. YALLA was founded to address both those needs through after-school programs which focus on literacy and critical thinking, as well as providing quality soccer programs. Together with our community partners, we have helped to improve the childhoods of over 1,200 youth, and send more than 200 to college. With your support, we can not only help children in need, but create a brighter future for them and our city.

With a single donation, you can:

- Provide three new chromebook laptops for our students...$500.00

-Buy two licenses for adaptive learning software..................$250.00

-Sponsor a year of soccer programs for a student................$100.00

-Purchase a year's worth of school supplies for a student.....$50.00

-Buy a soccer jersey for a student..........................................$25.00

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  1. Altara Rodulfo

    9 December 2017

  2. Paul Brown

    28 November 2017


    24 October 2017

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