The Okoh Foundation is passionate about bettering the lives and futures of the needy and vulnerable. Even though the foundation was established in South Africa, its projects are not limited to South Africa, we provide assistance to any community in any country, wherever there is a need.

Our projects include the following:

(1)Saints of Valentine Project:The Saints of Valentine project is a project that provides educational opportunities and psycho-social support to children between the ages of 0 and 12 years from under-resourced backgrounds who seek love, guidance as well as monetary support for them to realize their goals in life. We provide tangible support which takes care of groceries, school fees, books, stationery and clothing. We also provide intangible support such as mentorship, counselling and psychosocial support.
This support is provided to children who are currently living in shelters as well as those living with their families

(2)Hands Of Hope Project: The Hands of Hope Project is an initiative designed to provide food, clothing, hygiene items and psychosocial support to individuals currently living in short – term lodge shelters or currently living on the streets.

(3)Not Forgotten Project: Through the project  we provide groceries and psycho – social  support to the needy elderly who are currently residing in old age  homes as well as those who live by themselves. We enable them to live quality fulfilled lives by ensuring that they have nutritious meals and have access to therapeutic mental and physical exercises and activities designed to keep them stimulated mentally.

(4) Achievers Summit Project: This project is aimed at teens aged from 13 years to 18 years from under – resourced backgrounds. This is an initiative aimed at improving their self – esteem, re-directing them on a path of achieving to their fullest potential. We believe in a world where all youth have the best possible opportunity to move out of poverty and into gainful employment. There are many challenges that young people face psycho – socially,  such as bullying, self – harming, low self –esteem, substance abuse, peer pressure and many others which are prevalent in our society. Okoh Foundation has resources available to equip and empower young people enough to deal with these challenges.

Each young person also receives career advice, guidance, and mentoring. They are also assisted with bursary applications and applications to institutions of higher learning.A key part of this project is that in future,  job shadowing opportunities will be provided through the engagements that we are embarking on with our corporate partners.

(5) Second Chance Project: This project provides skills to ex-convicts enabling them to be integrated into their communities and to lead fulfilling lives earning a sustainable income. A large number of ex – convicts (upon their release from prison) are normally faced with the stark reality of being rejected by their former communities as well as the prospects of limited (or no) employment due to their criminal record. Okoh Foundation has a program in place which provides them with skills which can help them adapt and integrate better in communities and at the same time have sources of income which will provide a better standard of living for themselves and their families.

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