Give a child access to quality education!

Bright Start Education Support Programme is a non-profit organisation based in Hout Bay that provides opportunities for children from Hout Bay's poor and underprivileged communities to attend schools with a good track record.

The kind of school we all want for our children.

But paying for school fees alone is not enough to guarantee
success for the child. Therefore we take a holistic approach that includes
mentorship, guidance of the parent and child, extramural activities, cultural
enrichment, additional maths lessons and medical care through supporting

Yes, that's dental check ups, too!

The aim of our programme is to address the cycle of poverty that exists at grassroots level by offering qualifying families the opportunity for their children to
graduate from school with confidence and self-esteem, thereby becoming
economically active and valued citizens of South Africa.

There is nothing more important that we can do for South Africa
today, than to educate her children. All of them. Everywhere.


Bright Start Education Support Programme was founded in 2008 as
a non-profit organisation and public benefit organisation, to address the
tangible social injustices in Hout Bay. There are two townships in Hout Bay:

Imizamo Yethu (IY) is a diverse community that that is

home to 36 700 people, while a further 14 000 people reside in the fishing
community called Hangberg.

South Africa’s oppressive past, which excluded people of colour
from equal opportunities, has left Hout Bay’s poor trapped in a perpetual web
of systemic poverty.

Despite two decades of democracy, social exclusion continues to significantly
divide Hout Bay’s rich and poor .

Bright Start’s response is to offer quality educational
opportunities to the children trapped in poverty and destined to receive only
limited opportunities in under-resourced schools.

South Africa has a 55% youth unemployment rate. This amounts to
3 million out of the overall 9.1 million people that are unemployed nationwide.

While the Western Cape has the lowest level of unemployment it
is still alarmingly high at 25.4%.

We understand this to be a direct result of limited educational
opportunities and, since education impacts directly on employment prospects,
the only solution is to help children access quality education.

In SA, only a third of the population over 20 has a Grade 12 school leavers’ certificate. 48% of learners entering the school system in Grade 1 do not complete Grade 12, and of those who do, just over a third secure university entrance passes. In Hout Bay specifically, 20% of our children are left vulnerable because they are either not enrolled at schools or have dropped out for various socio-economic reasons. This affects their future employability.

OUR SOLUTION: A Holistic Education Support Programme

Our Education and Mentorship Support Programme addresses youth
unemployment and bridges the socio-economic gap between the rich and the poor by funding the scholarships of previosly disadvantaged learners. The programme commits to seeing each learner from preschool to high school to improve their chances, both socially and academically, to access tertiary institutions and the labour market.

The Eduction and Mentorship Support Programme is developed on a
holistic model that focuses on:

(a) Quality education with a focus and support for Maths and

(b) The social cohesion of our learners and parents through life
skills and co-curricular initiatives.

(c) The empowerment and guidance of parents so as to sustain
the development of their children.

The Programme’s long-term objective is to foster the sustainable
livelihood of young adults and their households through the education.

Currently we have 37 Bright Starters from the Hangberg and
Imizamo Yethu community. Since 2016, we have received more than 70 applicants and have over 100 on the waiting list. With more funding, we are hoping to increase our intake to 60 beneficiaries.

Most of our parents are domestic workers and general workers
whose livelihoods are not sustained.

The organization is steered by an engaged and diverse board that
represents the community and beneficiaries.

Bright Start is making an impact by exposing children from
disadvantaged communities to best-practice education opportunities and these
children have risen to the occasion by consistently achieving a 100% pass rate.

The additional tutoring and psycho-social mentoring (weekly) has
resulted in 90% of our children producing above average results. Reputable
secondary schools are enrolling learners who have completed Primary School on
the Bright Start programme.

No one has ever dropped out of a Bright Start programme. ·

Like most of you reading this, we know that the first 6 years of
a child’s development are critical to future capacity to learn and grow. For
this reason, our beneficiaries have been supported and aided with the necessary
life skills from as young as 4 years old. Subsequently, we have experienced a
minimal (5%) instance of deviant social behaviour and we consistently see our
learners making informed, positive personal choices.

Our programme places the parents at the center of the child’s
development. We understand our role as facilitators only and therefore empower
our parents to own and lead their children’s learning trajectory.

At least one parent/guardian attends extra-mural activities with

their child and all parent-teacher meetings are attended with t least a 90 -95%

That's the kind of support every child needs to make a success of
their schooling!

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