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By taking up the #2020challenge, you are not just giving a child the energy to learn, you are encouraging parents to send their child back to school and helping passionate women keep their learning centres running in rural communities

What is the problem?
With job losses on the rise, impoverished families are unable to afford monthly pre-school fees. Without this monthly income, and no government funding, 30,000 early learning facilities (serving 1 million young children) are at risk of closing. Ongoing nutritional support to these facilities - where children often receive their only meal of the day - acts as an incentive for families to return their children to a stimulating environment AND will help these early learning facilities remain open.

How will this campaign solve the problem?
Your donation is not just giving a young child the nutrition and energy to learn every school day, you are encouraging their parents/caregivers to send them back to a stimulating environment and supporting passionate Early Childhood Development practitioners (mostly marginalized women) to keep their learning Centres running so they can continue to nurture and stimulate young minds. DO MORE porridge (provided at cost) enables you to provide nutritional support for $1.20 (R20) /month per child.

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