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Save the lives of women informal workers & their children

Many women in Ghana work in the informal sector of the economy. They play an important role in the home and the communities.  However they face extreme marginalization which reduces their capacity to explore the opportunities of life. Many of them sell on the busy streets to feed their children .Selling on the busy streets of Ghana during the coronavirus pandemic is extremely dangerous. Many sellers have died leaving their children orphaned. Regardless these sellers continue to brave life-and-death odds in order to provide for their children. 

In addition to this, many are no longer able to make the small income they used to because of lock-down and are now struggling to provide for their children. Life for them deteriorates with every passing day.

We are raising money to help 1000 women informal workers in Accra, Ghana. The money will be used to provide:

  1. Rice, cooking oil, Milo, sugar and powdered milk and other essential food items to feed their children. 
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks, face shields and hand sanitizer to keep them safe as they go back to work.
  3. Start up capital to help 500 of the most vulnerable to restart their small businesses
  4. We are also raising funds to match Women's small contributions to TUC/UNIWA Informal Workers Pension Scheme; ably managed by Peoples' Pension Trust (PPT) to enable them access soft loans and obtain income security in the future.

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  1. Oksana Abboud

    14 December 2020

  2. Marco Kuntze

    10 November 2020

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