Winter Warmer Blanket and Clothing Drive

Call 2 Care needs your help to ensure that the most vulnerable are kept warm this Winter. Donate your unused clothing and blankets or help us purchase water proof blankets through our partnership with Go Sublimation. 

We are also partnering with My Desert Rose and Ladles of Love as we build up to a Heritage Day, 24 September 22, event that will offer a pop up store with access to second hand clothing to allow the homeless to select clothing. 

Thanks to Go Sublimation, based in Somerset West, we are producing a water proof blanket that is warm on the one side and water proof on the other side perfect for those vulnerable to the rain. The production process includes training and paying women from underserved communities for the cutting, stitching and sewing of the blankets - a major win to further sustainability of this initiative. The cost of the blankets is R190 and in parallel, we appeal for any off cut materials from the clothing industry that will help us produce more blankets. 

Ways to get involved:

  • Donate towards purchases of blankets in bulk
  • Donate your unused and spare blankets
  • Be a collection champion in your area
  • Start a fundraising campaign via Given Gain to help raise funds for this cause
  • Donate any raw clothing material that can be used in the production process of our water proof blankets. 

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