Wilmien Potgieter Fund

AfriForum established the Wilmien Potgieter Fund, a support fund for child victims of farm attacks, in 2019.

Wilmien Potgieter (2) was barbarously murdered in December 2010 along with her parents on their farm outside Lindley in the Free State. Her father, Attie Potgieter (40), was stabbed 151 times with a panga, garden fork and knife in sight of his wife, Wilna (36), and little Wilmien.

Child victims of farm attacks frequently experience inconceivable levels of trauma and suffering.

Considering that they are often small and do not yet possess the ability to express their feelings, they grieve in silence and do not speak about their fears.

A clinical phycologist with whom AfriForum spoke to is of the opinion that the general public will get a huge fright if they see what children experience that are victims of farm attacks.

Each child handles the situation or events differently, but in most cases they urgently require counselling seeing as they suddenly start suffering from insomnia, anxiety and even depression. Some of these children must use medication out of necessity to help them survive.

In addition to their mental and emotional brokenness that will need to be attended to, some of them are also suddenly without financial security and stability if for example the father, who is usually the breadwinner, is murdered.

For farm attack victims it will feel as if their world falls apart. The survivors often leave the farm and they do not know how they will survive in future. Children’s school fees can suddenly no longer be paid and older children are unable to study further. “It is a horrendous evil cycle and victims are immensely vulnerable,” says the phycologist.

If you would like to become involved, send an email to fonds@afriforum.co.za


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