Wild Nights Out provides diverse South African school-leavers (Matrics) a transformative wilderness experience at a pivotal time of life transition.

Wild Nights Out consists of a multi-day wilderness trail, along with a year-long follow-up mentoring process that ensures that the impacts seeded in the mountains help grow future leaders for our society: values-based, purpose-driven, and capable of contributing to profound systems change.

We seek your support  in helping us provide scholarships to Matrics from a range of demographics so they can be a valued part of the full Wild Nights Out program.

Phase 1: Wilderness Passage

Wild Nights Out invites school-leavers to join a team of experienced facilitators  for a wilderness journey into the Cape Cederberg Mountains for 6-nights (7-days). We urge participants to embrace this walk into the relative unknown as a living metaphor - a passage - in preparation for the next stage of their lives. 

In bringing together participants from very different social, cultural and demographic backgrounds, we help foster an authentic appreciation of ‘the other’ - through shared values and common ground - cultivating a newfound personal sense of intrinsic worth.

Wild Nights Out is specifically designed to give participating youth maximum contact with diversity, particularly for youth who have had little or no exposure to others from very different backgrounds. This is necessary so school-leavers can better thrive in a functionally diverse South Africa. 

Our facilitation team also reflects that - consisting of four facilitators of different ethnicities, languages and gender. Over the past 5 years, this proven to be a highly effective combination, with each facilitator having particular insights to offer the participants, as well as being able to highlight specific cultural complexities from their own ethnic groups.
In addition to the above, the natural diversity of the wild spaces we sink into equally provide a fitting setting for powerful personal stories and important group dialogues to be openly shared. Meaningful experiences in these spaces catalyse a newfound appreciation for nature and sense of connection with - and belonging to - the world.  The program encourages an ethic of care, custodianship and responsibility toward this “more-than-human” community. 

Phase 2: Mentorship & Growth 

The follow-up Mentorship & Growth program creates a solid support structure to deepen the learning and impact that the participants gained through the wilderness passage. 

The year-long Mentorship & Growth program consists of two facilitated overnight nature excursions in March and September in the year following participants’ wilderness passage. Additional support is offered through 11 online call sessions (one group call per month), social media engagement (throughout), a monthly inspirational or instructional message (on a platform chosen by the group, e.g. WhatsApp) inviting a simple self-facilitated (learning) process at home.

Join us in positively shaping the values and lives of our future leaders in fostering greater tolerance and understanding in a diverse South African society.

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