#whereswillie is a fundraising campaign for African Tails to fund their mass sterilization project: Mending Mamre

The Willie in question is Willie Richards, avid runner and advocate for healthy living , who since 2007 has been participating in long distance duathlons and triathlons for charitable causes.

In October 2017, Willie will be attempting his toughest duathlon yet, running and cycling over 1700km from Blouberg Namibia to Blouberg Cape Town, in aid of Project Mending Mamre. Willie's goal is to raise R1.7 million for African Tails to fund phase 3 and 4 of their Mass Sterilization Project in Mamre.

Willie’s duathlon is made tougher still as he works on an Field Support Vessel off the Angolan coast, so his daily training routine for #whereswillie is out at sea rather than the bush and desert he will be running through.

African Tails is a Non Profit Animal Welfare organization, focusing on mass sterilization of animals in rural and disadvantaged areas. In March 2017 they launched their latest sterilization campaign in the tiny agricultural town, Mamre, South Africa.

To make a sterilization campaign successful one needs to go to the root of the problem. For this reason African Tails partnered with FOUR PAWS South Africa, who launched an educational campaign in Mamre, not only for children, but for adults as well. This campaign includes basic good animal husbandry and sowing the seed of compassion. Teaching children to have empathy for living creatures, not only betters the lives of the animals they encounter, but it also builds and strengthens a community for years to come.

In phase 1 of project Mending Mamre, 388 animals were sterilized, 1200 people reached through education, 200 kennels distributed and many animals medically treated or placed up for adoption. With an estimated pet population of 4000
animals, it is evident that African Tails and their partners will be active in Mamre for quite some time, as the goal is to sterilize at least 70% of Mamre’s breeding pet population.

For more information about #whereswillie and to get access to videos and images contact: whereswillie@africantails.co.za or visit African Tail's Facebook Page or website.

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