Wheels for Meals!

foodKIND delivers delicious, nutritious ingredients to kitchens in Greece, and works with refugees to cook up hot meals for those without a kitchen to call their own; giving migrants back some culinary control over their daily lives.

We buy the ingredients and drive them to the kitchens, cook the food and dish it out, then we drive home again to do the washing up. You might say that we are driven to do the best job we can!

Every grain of rice, slice of bread and sip of soup is bought and brought by our volunteers; freshly cooked and put strait on the plate of those who need it most.

Without a car, our operation would grind to a halt, but that’s just what we are facing. Our rental car will soon be driving off into the sunset without us, and we will be without the means to carry on our work. (It’s not easy to hitchhike with enough soup to feed five hundred.)

That is why we need your help raising the funds to purchase our very own ‘Greece Lightning’. Fully taxed, fully insured and owned by foodKIND, a car will keep us on the road, helping the recently arrived to reestablish normality, one meal at a time.

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  1. Anonymous donation

    16 October 2018

  2. Andreea Anghelea

    23 August 2018

  3. Susan maude Buchser-Lochocki

    19 July 2018

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