Wheels for Meals!

At foodKIND we are very reliant on access to a car, not only for transporting food from market-to-kitchen-to-distribution point, but also for a number of daily and ad-hoc tasks such as picking up our new volunteers from the bus station on arrival.  We are currently renting a car in Greece, but this isn't the most efficient use of our donor funds in the longer term, especially during the expensive summer season, and we would prefer to put that money directly into sourcing food for refugees.  For this reason we are launching our Wheels for Meals campaign with the goal of raising 7000 euros to cover the purchase of and insurance for our very own little yellow foodKIND car to keep us on the road and helping the vulnerable and needy in Greece.

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  1. Susan maude Buchser-Lochocki

    19 July

  2. Julie Hickman

    17 July

  3. Elisabeth Knuth

    16 July

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