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We need woodworking tools

Our Workshop is a NPO based in Langa, Cape Town. We do social design with a focus on making a shared space for intercultural connection. We actively co-create by working together.

Due to COVID, our prior market (tourists) has dried up completely.

Therefore we are starting to design and make a new range of small functional items for the local market.

We received a donation of a lot of good timber from Film Afrika, via an amazing company called Green Set, which is working to make the film industry more environmentally accountable.

But, we don't have the tools to turn this wood into new collaboratively designed furniture.

We need the following:

A bandsaw

A belt and disk sander

A dust collector and dust extractor accessory kit

A table saw with stand

All valued at around ZAR 15000.00

Please help us to reach this goal!!


arts, culture, humanities, upcycling, communityupliftment, wood, Filmindustry, productdesign, socialdesign, woodworkingtools, tools


  1. Jesse LAITINEN

    21 March 2021

  2. L H

    4 March 2021

  3. Ola Podgorska

    4 March 2021

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