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Rebaone Community Care Training & Support Centre

The Rebaone Community Care Training & Support Centre was established in 2011 by a group of concerned community members in Rebaone, a village in Soshanguve township 30km north of Pretoria in South Africa. The centre was established after the realisation that some children in the community, most vulnerable children, had no one to care for them. These children are either orphans, are under the care of a single parent or their families cannot afford to provide for them due to high levels of poverty and unemployment. Some parents are unable to completely commit to employment with no one to look after their young children. The children needed to be fed but the funds needed were unavailable, that’s when the concerned community members of Reboane came up with the idea of developing a food garden so they can grow food and feed the hungry malnourished children at a central place. With time this garden soon became a major source for the survival of the elderly in the community who could not afford to cook for themselves due to living alone, sickness or a lack of resources. The community members are committed to this cause but are being held back by the shortage of water. Water is an integral resource for all the developments and survival of the population in this community. Join Operation Hunger as we raise funds in support of the Rebaone community in providing a borehole or two 10 000lt Jojo tanks such that their self-help Garden Project will flourish and their challenges will be a tale of the past. 

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