By supporting our acclaimed Walking Tall Educational Theatre Project you’re helping Africa’s youth gain powerful insight into our shared origins – and so confront misconceptions about race, our role in the natural world and science. Walking Tall features a physical theatre performance piece and a science session, a combination that has proven highly impactful since the project’s inception in 2002. Well over one million, primarily high school, learners educators and community members, have experienced Walking Tall’s central message: that humankind’s fossil heritage is common to all people, everywhere, and that the history of humans and life on earth joins us all in a single tree of life. By using a combination of the human body, the words we speak, a few props and no sets, people everywhere can understand the play. Along with the science session, it can take place in a school hall, an auditorium or under a tree. From South Africa to Tanzania, Kenya and beyond, Walking Tall is one of the most important ways that PAST uses the science of our shared origins to benefit humankind’s future.

We are educating Africa and the world about our shared origins, one Walking Tall workshop at a time. Join us by giving now.

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