Vehicle Replacement

We would like to raise funds for a new vehicle as we have extreme difficulty going to bad areas collecting injured and diseased animals because of bad roads. We are currently driving Nissan np200 bakkies which are not suitable for extreme bad roads and this has cost animals their lives due to the Inspectorate being unable to reach them in time.

 One of the roads was so bad that we had to leave our vehicle 600 meters from where the animal was and walk all the way back with the injured animal which was extremely heavy and did not want any human contact. There are chances that the SPCA  vehicle could be damaged or stolen whilst unattended.

We would like a vehicle that is suitable for bad roads -we receive a large number of complaints in rural areas as well as dogs stuck in snares between banana plantations.

We recently had a Sterilization Outreach and it took hours to pick up dogs in the rural area due to the fact that our vehicles are small and can only carry two dog carriers in the back.  We cannot pull a trailer due to the strain that it will put onto the vehicle and engine.  We recently had to replace a gearbox on one of our vehicles.

We, therefore, plead with the community to PLEASE take our situation to heart and help us to help the animals who need us desperately.

This is our main goal to do our best and help any animal that needs the Society.  We can upload a video and some photographs to prove that we are in desperate need of bigger and stronger vehicles in the line of our duties.



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