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COVID19 has turned the world upside down. But it has also created new opportunities for meaningful impact. Uthando, along with the rest of the NGO world, has risen up to meet the disasters this pandemic has left in its wake. It is our work, our passion and our calling to answer the needs of those in crisis and now is the time.

Food, groceries, hygiene products, toiletries and electricity are just some of the essentials desperate families need during this time. The infinite NGO’s in South Africa are working around the clock to provide relief for the millions of people stranded in over-crowded townships and dilapidated housing estates during lockdown, unable to work and provide basic needs for their families, the elderly and children.

Without these NGO’s our country will collapse. We ask our supporters, donors and clients around the world – and their diverse networks – to join with us to ensure these projects are able to continue serving their communities by doing what they do best: giving, caring, answering need.

Here is just a small example of how your support can make a difference:

* Support 2000 home and community gardens
* Impact 1000’s of youth between ages of 5 and 35 through lockdown activities including art, theatre, sport, music and dance
* Help 270 carthorses owners who normally work from hand to mouth
* Assist vegetable gardens dedicated to feeding the elderly and vulnerable
* Reach 3200 children weekly through numerous pre-primary schools
* Provide countless families with food parcels
* Provide psycho-social support, food and medication to families in remote areas

R2000 will support an organic micro farm with seed, compost and manure for a month
R1500 will provide medical care, food and shelter for a working carthorse for a month
R1000 will supplement a senior citizen’s meagre government pension
R500 will support an at-risk family for a month
R350 will provide youth development initiatives with resources to keep children stimulated and safe during lockdown

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    Johann Vanzyl

    R85,424 raised

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    African Portfolio

    R74,764 raised

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    GCU Academy

    R69,541 raised

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    James Fernie

    R5,083 raised

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    24 January

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    15 January

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    12 January

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Fundraiser projects

8 Fundraiser projects

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R8,000,000 Target

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