Upgrading the ECD

The 2021 vision includes upgrading the pre-school with new desk tops, storage, toys, puzzles and gym equipment. This ECD phase of the school is fundamental in building the foundation for education and needs to be a colourful, stimulating learning environment. The classrooms have become shabby through years of use and a facelift would re-ignite both the teachers and children.

Our ECD comprises 3 classrooms

- 1 - Gr R where cognitive work is done and the CAPS curriculum is followed
- 2 - Gr RR fantasy area where learners play with dolls, toys, puzzles, legos etc
- 3 - Art room - all ECD learners rotate through this area to participate in creative work.


10 table tops to be replaced with solid wood = R5000

3 x flooring for learners to sit during ‘story time’ = R3500

Metal frame to house 10 small mattresses used for tired children during rest time = R5000

4 x Strong plastic trunks to store toys R2000

Various toys and play equipment including dolls, cars, building blocks, puzzles, lego, wheelbarrows, hula hoops, balls, sandpit toys etc = R10 000

Art materials for creative work R5000

Trampoline R4500

Junglegym = R15 000

TOTAL needed = ZAR 50 000 = +_ EUR 2650

Your donations will put the spark back into our ECD.