Unleash the Animal in you

Whether you like to run like a breeze, cycle like the wind, shake your tail feathers or just monkey-around, it all starts with unleashing the animal inside of you. If you want to combine your love of sport and animals then this is purr-fect for you.

With the funds that you raise you will help us to continue to Speak for, Protect and Care for Animals. If you need any support along the way, our animal loving fundraising teams are here to help you have as much fun and raise as much money as possible.

For more information about how you can make your race count for more please contact Natasha awareness@spca-ct.co.za



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    Paddy Langebrink

    R10,525 raised

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    Marelise Stodart-Lochner

    R9,500 raised

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    Karl Richard

    R7,462 raised

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    Malcolm Henning

    R7,000 raised

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    Kyle Barry

    R3,870 raised

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  1. Debbie Howard

    9 December 2019

  2. Natalie Symes

    8 November 2019

  3. Ruth Meyer

    30 August 2019

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