Uhambo The Journey for Change

Join and Support Patrick, Lorne, Warren, Deborah and friends as they ride from Cape Town to Queenstown to give orphaned and vulnerable children from the township of Nyanga a chance to access quality Education away from the crippling poverty, violence, crime and abuse that these orphaned and vulnerable children are exposed to on a day to day basis in their community. the Riders aim to raise enough funds that will support 10 children to pursue education at a well-established and resourced boarding school called Queen's College in Queenstown. These children will stay in the college’s residence and attend school at the college. benefiting from first class and quality education, with all their needs provided for, such as uniform, stationery etc. The South Africa education system is overwhelmed by disparities with the poor suffering the most. These friends aim to change that; and transform the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children by giving them a chance to access this quality education for free.

These children will have the opportunity of focusing on their studies, without being exposed to domestic violence and crime as they are currently experiencing at their homes. Most of these children are living with either one parent or a caregiver because they lost their parent to HIV/AIDS. The children have to walk long miles, passing through corrugated informal settlements that are perverse with all sorts of crime and violence. The township is not a conducive environment for these children; and this results to poor academic performance, early school drop out and increased chances to engaged in risky behaviour such as gangsterism, substance abuse etc.


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