Our mission is to take orphaned and vulnerable children from one of the poorest
of the poor communities, the township of Nyanga, and give them an opportunity to access quality education away from the crippling poverty, violence and abuse they are exposed to on a daily basis in their community.

We would like to raise enough money to pay for these children to pursue an education at one of the well-established and resourced boarding schools located in Komani (formally Queenstown), namely Queen’s College Junior, Queen’s College Senior, Balmoral Girls’ Primary and Girls’ High School. These children will have all their needs taken care of, they will be housed in the school’s boarding facilities and attend the respective schools reaping all the benefits of a first class education.

Through your support these children will now have the opportunity to experience a normal life where they can focus on their studies without being exposed to domestic violence and crime. Most of these children have lost either one or both of their parents to HIV/AIDS and are living in child headed homes or with caregivers. They often need to walk long distances to get to school, passing through corrugated informal settlements perverse with all sorts of crime and violence. The township is not a conducive environment for these children; which often results in poor academic performance, early school dropout and the increased risk of engaging in antisocial behavior such as gangster-ism, substance abuse and crime.

The South African education system is overwhelmed with disparities, the poor suffering the most. We aim to change this and transform the lives of a select few orphaned and vulnerable children.

Please be part of our journey in reversing the cycle of poverty. 

All it takes is 100 people donating R100 per month to change a life!!!

UHAMBO 2020 Cycling Tour 
is taking place from the 10th April – 17th April. The ride is from Cape Town to East London this year 1 244km, passing through Komani on Thursday 16th where we will be  welcomed by all the schools involved. Please contact us for me information or if you would like to join or journey.

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To quote our late great leader Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

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