Caring for our animals at this time has been a challenge but it is as urgent now as it has ever been. In most countries the main focus is on helping humankind in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. In many cases this has meant less support for wildlife which can be seen in the substantial decline in income for organizations taking care of animals.  All our volunteer programs have shut down as travel stopped. The income from these programs are critical in sustaining the sanctuary enabling us to provide food and veterinary care to our current resident Lions & Tigers but also to assist us with our future/current rescue missions. 

Predators, like most wild animals, often do not have their welfare needs met in a captive situation. The lions and tigers that we have rescued come from horrific conditions and as a result many suffer from poor health, this is from the stress of shocking captive conditions and the poor diet or the starvation that they may endure.  Your support gives these magnificent creatures a second chance at life. At Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary we provide them with a safe and beautiful forever home, where they can once again be in the African bush.

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