The Home Based Care service at Tsogang Trust will care for, support and educate people living with HIV/AIDS in the community through the following activities:

Visiting the sick at home and encouraging family members to look after them.

Finding out about orphan and vulnerable children who would be eligible for the support offered.
Providing practical support and nutritional advice/ meals for the critically ill
Linking with nurses at the clinic to make sure medical needs are met
Assisting with transport for hospital appointments.
Monitoring compliance with ARV treatment

To be able to continue with our services and impart self-sustainability, income generation activities will be implemented together with the development of skills to all those involved. Not only will this assist us to not solely depend on donations, but it will provide empowerment of life skills for the beneficiaries. We will offer general basic business skills and assistance, and create opportunities for members to chose and embark on projects that will make a difference in their daily life.

community development