TSIBA Chairperson's Fund

The intention of the Chairperson's Fund is to assist the most financially needy of our students, and to those students whose continued studies at TSIBA is at risk as a consequence of the financial circumstances which they find themselves - with significant long-term consequences to themselves and their families. 

In support of this appeal Professor Abrahams has committed funds in her personal capacity, both as a deep commitment to our students, and as a means to inspire other TSIBA supporters who have the resources and willingness to support this campaign.

The proceeds of the fund will cover short-term study costs, including access to data which our students are now critically dependent on as we continue to support remote learning, as well as crucial living expenses (such as food and accommodation).  

As a Private Higher Education Institution, TSIBA does not qualify for the free, or reverse-charge data offered by some providers to the public funded universities in South Africa, notwithstanding that we are registered as a not-for-profit entity. 

Access to data is a key component of the social justice which TSIBA strives to achieve. Unfortunately it also comes at unanticipated and significant cost. 

Your support to enable remote access and core living expenses will have significant impact. 

Our sincere thanks for your continued and generous support to TSIBA. 



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