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Trees for Fees 2022 - Greenpop Eden Festival of Action

Raise funds for trees and attend the Eden Festival of Action for free! 

Dates: 2 - 9 Oct 2022

Before you start fundraising, please be sure to apply for the Eden Festival of Action here. Once you have completed the form we will send you the Trees for Fees guide, and you can start fundraising. Not only will we use the funds you raise to plant trees during the project, but for every tree raised you will also get a discount on your ticket*.

80 Trees 

(1 Tree = R120/$8)

Deadline: 11 September 2022

If you meet your goal you will receive a free festival ticket and a space in a Greenpop shared tent.

Your space will be confirmed once you have raised 10 trees.If you do not meet your goal you will receive a discount on your ticket relevant to the number of trees raised. E.g. if you raise 25% of your goal you will get a 25% discount on your ticket.

*Unfortunately it’s not possible to raise funds for trees to cover the costs of transport from your hometown to the event and back.


// Included in your ticket: 

  • Three meals a day and snacks in between
  • Coffee and tea
  • A space in a shared Greenpop tent (Only for TFF fundraisers)
  • Transfer on arrival and departure day to/from the airport or bus station
  • Workshops & Activations hosted by field experts

// Excluded from your ticket:

  • Additional drinks and snacks
  • Transport to and from the event
  • Travel and/or medical insurance
  • Costs for a visa (if not from South Africa)
  • Fees for additional excursions----

// How it works:

1. Apply for the Eden Festival of Action here.

2. You’ll receive an acceptance email with your TFF Fundraising Guide.

3. Go to the Trees for Fees campaign on GivenGain. (that's this page)

4.  Click “Start Fundraising” - Log in to GivenGain or sign up for an activist account if you don’t already have one.

5. Set up your activist project. Be sure to tell everyone why you are raising funds for trees and why you would like to attend the Eden Festival of Action!

6. Set your fundraising target: 80 trees = 9600 ZAR/ 640 USD  (This will fund the planting of 80 trees and earn you a free space at the Eden FOA).

7. Set your deadline: 11 September 2022

8. Be sure to add photos and extra details to make your project POP! Share & promote your fundraising activist project URL with everyone you know so they can sponsor trees for you to go to the Eden Festival of Action.

10. After the Trees for Fees cut-off date (11 September 2022), Greenpop will check how many trees you have raised through your GivenGain activist project and thus how much of a discount you are eligible for. 

11. We will send you your discount code and further booking information.

**Please note that if you decide not to come, we will not be able to refund your tree donations but we will still plant the trees on your behalf and be very grateful!

After the programme, you will receive one certificate with GPS coordinates of the locations where your trees were planted so you can share this with your donors to celebrate! Please note that the trees are planted in various Greenpop projects and not all in the Eden District.

Have fun!


// Get in touch:

Have a question? Get in touch at claudia@greenpop.org.


Greenpop Foundation NPC is a registered non-profit organisation and can issue a donation receipt for your tax deduction at the end of the tax year upon request.

Registration Number (NPO): 151-411 NPO

Public Benefit Organisation Number: 930050622

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    Karisham Kara

    R18,729 raised

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    Manya Sankaran

    R11,398 raised

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    Justin de Beer

    R11,862 raised

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    Kelly Blake

    R9,607 raised

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    Tilley & Jon

    R9,215 raised

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