Toni Enderli's Oceans 7 Campaign

A local South African with no prior swimming expertise decides to become an active citizen and DO something extraordinary to affect the change he wants to see in our communities. Over the next 3-years, Toni will be facing his life's biggest challenge, 'Ocean's Seven' where he aims to swim across the world’s most extreme waters.

All proceeds collected by Habitat for Humanity SA for Toni's campaign will go towards addressing the most urgent needs of 2200 families living in Langrug, an informal settlement located in the Franschhoek area outside of Stellenbosch.

Building strength, stability and self-reliance

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  1. Neil Roos

    17 July 2018

  2. Colin Causton

    9 July 2018

  3. Andrew Chin

    4 September 2017

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