Dear giver:

Our school in Secunda provides vital primary education. In South Africa our school is not considered "poor", but we have an enormous shortage of resources.

Our school's buildings were erected in the late 1970's - and completed in 1979. Over the last 40 years - a variety of critical maintenance tasks have fallen behind - and our pupils deserve the chance to learn their foundational life skills in a more conducive environment.

As a school - we're raising money to tackle a number of key renewal projects in the coming months. Our first priority the hygiene and safety of our bathrooms and toilets.

The school has 14 bathrooms that need to be renewed - but we are starting small and tackling only one girls toilet. 

Please help us - our children deserve better facilities.

We undertake to ensure these funds are used only for the intended purpose - and will give feedback as we complete this project.

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