Together for Tjakastad’s Children

Tjakastad, a rural area in Mpumulanga is home to a special early education centre that’s a positive force in the lives of little girls and boys – and older children, too. 

Join us to unite in support of the Sizolopakathi Early Childhood Centre, so that it can keep uplifting young lives – like Blessing’s.

“My child can count to 20, he can now speak English – and he’s learned to share with other children,’ says Blessing’s mom, Angel Lukhele. She’s thrilled with the progress that her young son has made since he started attending the Sizo Centre.

‘He’s also learned good manners!’ she adds, smiling.

As an unemployed mother, Angel relies on a grant to take care of Blessing, and can’t always pay full fees at the Sizo Centre.

Thankfully, Blessing is not prevented from coming to the centre if Angel can’t afford to pay the whole amount ... but we need your help to keep children like Blessing in class.

Please donate now to give young children the chance to develop and learn at the Sizo Centre ... a little one will stay in ‘little school’ because of you!

How your donation makes a difference:
could provide teaching equipment for a reading centre
R440 could provide support for an orphaned child with food for two months
R220 could pay for clothing to help children in to stay warm during the cold winter months
R120 could provide one month of crèche fees for a child under 4

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